Windows 7 Updated v4

Have a custom Windows ISO you want to share? This is the place.
Note: Do not provide ISOs that are 'pre-cracked' or found to contain malware.
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Windows 7 Updated v4

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Main Info

Because of a few updates, Windows may take a while to finalize settings (the last part of the OOBE).

This is Windows 7 Home Premium, Professional, and Ultimate x64 with all the non-telemetry updates up to 2020-01 and 2016-09 all in one. It also has .Net 4.8, IE11, VC++, and more. This also includes NVMe and USB 3.0 drivers.

There is also a services tweaking guide, doing this will reduce the amount of background services and improve both performance and security.


Q: Why does the setup have the Windows 8 bootscreen?

A: The installer is from Windows Server 2012 R2, it was used because using an install.esd makes the ISO significantly smaller. It also makes integrating NVMe and USB 3.0 drivers easier.

Q: Windows is stuck at finalizing your settings, why?

A: .Net 4.8 updates are in .exe form, because Microsoft hates us I guess. As far as I know, they need to be installed post-setup, which is why Windows may seem stuck here. It may take a few minutes to reach the desktop if your system is slower.

Q: I just checked Windows update, and it's missing plenty of updates, why?

A: That's because those updates include telemetry, all the updates that begin with a date on Windows update are guaranteed to have telemetry, excluding IE updates. The rest of the KB updates that aren't in the ISO are likely telemetry as well.

Q: Is the 2016-09 ISO only updated to 2016-09?

A: Yes, and no, it includes .NET 4.8, VC++, .Net 3.5 and 4.8 updates to 2020-01, etc, but Windows itself has no updates after 2016-09 except for the SHA-2 update, and the SHA-2 servicing stack update.

Q: I want to update to 2017-08 or 2017-12.

A: Not a question, but sure. If you want Windows 7 updated to 2017-08, just grab the 2016-09 ISO, and get the post-2016 update pack.

Legal. (Please don't sue.)

This ISO is provided without a license key or any activation, meaning it is not an illegal source of Windows. The users must have their own license key to activate Windows.
The updates and integrated .Net 4.8, IE11, Visual C++, and more belong to Microsoft and the developers there that created them.
Windows is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation.
Please don't sue me.
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