Method to create offline account on Windows 11 Pro

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Method to create offline account on Windows 11 Pro

Unread post by CalmCreeper360 »

To my knowledge you can create a Windows 11 offline account on Home Edition by standard.
However, Microsoft stated, that you cant create an offline account on Windows 11 pro, but you actually can.

During device setup, when setup asks you for your email, type in the following email:

This is a buggy fake email that will glitch the setup.
An error mesage will show up, that this email is invalid.
Click next and it will automatically take you trough the steps on how to create an offline account from Windows 11 Home.
Idk if this still works on 22H2, but ive used this multiple times on older Windows 11 Pro releases and it worked fine.
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Method to create offline account on Windows 11 Pro

Unread post by OwnedByWuigi »

UPDATE: This works on 22H2.
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Method to create offline account on Windows 11 Pro

Unread post by LuckyCryWinScenic »

The alternate solution to this is to click the "set up for work for school" option, select sign in options then click the "domain join instead" to get into the offline account. It looks like this:

It works on VMware and even on real PCs when i do test installs for Windows 11.
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