Installation and configuration guide for the Vista Extended Kernel

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Installation and configuration guide for the Vista Extended Kernel

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This is just an installation guide, if you have issues, suggestions, or requests for the extended kernel, post them on the MSFN post for the kernel. If you want to contribute monetarily to the extended kernel, win32 has a PayPal account that you can donate to.

To get the extended kernel, go to win32's site, and grab the Main Extended Kernel Installer and the Media Foundation Update Installer.

To install them, extract them, run the installers as admin, then reboot. If you're using the extended kernel ISO, you don't need to install the Media Foundation.

To configure the extended kernel to spoof another OS version globally or for specific applications, create an osver.ini file in C:\Windows. Open the file, and follow the template below to add whatever application you want.

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Enabled is a quick way of enabling or disabling the spoofing per application or globally without removing the application from the ini.
MajorVersion specifies the major version of Windows, 6 is Vista-8.1 and 10 is 10/11.
MinorVersion specifies the minor version of Windows, with a major of 6, 0 is Vista, 1 is 7, 2 is 8.0, and 3 is 8.1. With a major of 10, 0 is 10 or 11.
BuildNumber specifies the service pack for Vista/7, and builds of 10 or 11. 6000 is Vista RTM, 6001 is Vista SP1, 6002 is Vista SP2, 6003 is Vista SP2 with SHA2, 7600 is 7 RTM, 7601 is 7 SP1, 9200 is 8.0, 9600 is 8.1, 19045 is 10 22H2, 22xxx is 11.

Having global blank below the application keeps Vista appearing as Vista to other applications not specified in the ini. You can fake the global version by adding enabled and the other lines under global.

For example, to run Firefox without the font issues on Vista, use this in osver.ini.

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[C:\Program Files\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe]

For example, to fake Windows 7 SP1 globally, use this in osver.ini.

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Hope this helps, and I hope the osver.ini section isn't too confusing.
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Installation and configuration guide for the Vista Extended Kernel

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