Investigation into Vista USB 3 drivers

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Investigation into Vista USB 3 drivers

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To get a modern system running, you'll need USB 3 drivers, whether it be Intel or AMD. This post goes over three main drivers that exist for Vista. This won't go over USB chips made by ASMedia, VIA, etc as that is out of the scope of this.

1: MDL universal XHCI stack
This is the preferred USB driver for most USB devices. It's backported from 8 and worked with Vista and 7, but the latest version is just 7 only. This driver does have some weirdness, especially with Vista where some controllers that work fine in 7+ either just don't work or BSOD the system. The biggest example is the AMD Ryzen 3000+/x5x0+ USB 3 controller does not work with this driver under Vista, but works just fine under 7. The downloads for the old versions are dead, so I've reuploaded.

Also these drivers require KB2864202 to be installed to work.

2020 version -
This is the one I've used the most and is the one included with my 7 ISO, I've had weird issues with the 2021 version and I have no idea what it changed.

2021 version -
Last version before Vista support was removed.

2: cannonkong modded AMD XHCI
This is the AMD XHCI driver modded by cannonkong to work with 3000+ chips under 7, but the driver also works fine under Vista. I only recommend it if the first driver doesn't work for you. It comes in a pack with a bunch of other drivers, I've extracted it and reuploaded only the USB driver for simplicity.

3: DanielK Intel USB 3
This is an old modded driver meant for x3x0 chipset Intel platforms and earlier, however it may work on newer platforms still. Recommended only if the MDL driver doesn't work for you. Original download is dead so I've reuploaded.

If you've used Vista on a modern platform and needed to use one of these, how is your experience with one or more of these drivers? I would like to know.
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