Board Guidelines v2

Important announcements and guidelines.
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Board Guidelines v2

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Here are the guidelines for the main Eclipse Board:

1: Do not discuss or provide any methods to crack or bypass licensing methods for any software that was made within the past 15 years, or any older software whose intellectual property is still highly protected or is still actively sold. Amiga and Nintendo products are good examples of such, as well as older games in franchises that are still active.

Please send any reports of copyright infringement to We will comply with any DMCA takedown requests submitted to us for any infringing content.

2: It is very highly encouraged that you post in English or mostly English. You won't have much luck finding help or getting responses to a post in another language when most Eclipse users are from English speaking countries.

3: Do not personally attack other users of this forum.

4: Do not spam.

5: Keep signature images and embeds to a height of 100 pixels or less. 300 pixels is the maximum recommended width, but this is not a hard width limit.

6: Do not post NSFW content.

Community ISOs and Projects Guidelines:

1: The above still applies here.

2: Do not post any cracked ISOs or software in these categories, no matter the age. I've decided to make an exception for old versions of Windows without online activation that come integrated with a key. Please no cracking of later versions of Windows.

3: Do not post any malicious ISOs or software in these categories.

4: If your ISO is of Windows 7+, put a note at the top of your post if the ISO has any updates with telemetry included. If you fail to comply, we will do it for you, or delete the post.

5: Check the projects guidelines post too.
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