.NET Framework 4.8 and Windows 8.0

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.NET Framework 4.8 and Windows 8.0

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Hi! Does there is a way to install .NET Framework 4.8 on Windows 8.0? Because I am tried to install it with several methods: First method is that: https://msfn.org/board/topic/178673-tutorial-how-to-install-net-framework-472-on-windows-vista/ but installation finished without any errors and called for the usual restart but when I checked after the Add/Remove Programs .Net 4.8 wasn't listed and clr.dll is not updated to the version 4.8. Second method is that: Installing Windows Embedded 8 Standard mum package like in tutorial about IE11, and installing KB4486081 update, but still .Net 4.8 wasn't listed in Add/Remove Programs and clr.dll is not updated to the version 4.8. Third method is that: Use this package and install offline and replace modified mum files with original ones (there is in this zip): https://wwhkk-my.sharepoint.com/personal/kkhww_wwhkk_onmicrosoft_com/_layouts/15/onedrive.aspx?id=%2Fpersonal%2Fkkhww%5Fwwhkk%5Fonmicrosoft%5Fcom%2FDocuments%2FMSDN%2FUpdates%2FWindows%2D09200%2Dx64%2Dx86%2DUpdates%2F%7ENDP480%2DAnd%2DIE11%2DOffline%2DKit%2F1905%2DNDP480%2DW80%2E7z&parent=%2Fpersonal%2Fkkhww%5Fwwhkk%5Fonmicrosoft%5Fcom%2FDocuments%2FMSDN%2FUpdates%2FWindows%2D09200%2Dx64%2Dx86%2DUpdates%2F%7ENDP480%2DAnd%2DIE11%2DOffline%2DKit&ga=1 But I am getting this error: 0x800f080d So, can you help me with installing .NET Framework 4.8 on 8.0?

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.NET Framework 4.8 and Windows 8.0

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I think the old 8.0 ISO here has it, but the easy way is to just use Server 2012.
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