[Devloper!needed]LibreXP/Libre2000 - Modern Opensource Personality of Windows 2000/XP/2003

The OS of the 2000s.
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[Devloper!needed]LibreXP/Libre2000 - Modern Opensource Personality of Windows 2000/XP/2003

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Reactos recently wanted to focus more on NT6 Philosophy, after going through their code-base i have realized no one has worked on Kernel since Alex Ionescu left the project, in general Reactos evolution is slow and GPL-2 license is anyway makes it impossible to be any viable alternative to Windows Embedded/ IOT. After some heated arguments with ROS Development team and their decision to stick strictly with Microsofty way of doing things, i have made my mind to start new project. Here how it defers from Reactos, at first i am not aiming to write whole operating system from Scratch, instead it will focus replacing Server 2003 Components piece by piece until we end up with Opensource Clone of Server 2003 . This approach in past has been taken by Haiku[BEOS Clone][https://www.haiku-os.org/] and osFree [OS/2 Clone] [https://osfree.org/]. NT5 philosophy states for lean shell with High Performance Kernel. Server 2003 Kernel lacks NUMA Aware Memory Manager, ALPC , IO Prioritization, Power Manager and so on, It will take path of reverse engineered re implementation path as Wildbill's Kernel32 rewrite for Windows 2000.

Milestone 1: Kernel/HAL/Boot-loader
Milestone 2: Win32SS/Win32
Milestone 3: Shell

Operating System based on new reverse engineered Kernel will be made:
Libre-2000: Windows 2000 Inspired Classic Shell with Support for Legacy System along with Modern System.
Libre-XP: Windows XP Inspired Modern Shell with Optional Aero for Modern System.
[Modern System: Any Dual Core like Athlon X2 3800 from 2005 or newer with OpenGL 2.0/DX9 Capable GPU]

I am looking for developer who are interested in OS Development or know modern C++ with bit of love for NT5 line of operating system. I am personally more interested in Libre-XP , but i will be really happy if someone take up Libre-2000. Libre-XP/2000 will share everything in Core of the operating except Composite Windowing Manager, Theme Engine and built in applications.

Every developer is Welcome as long as you don't physically posses Microsoft's proprietary source code.

Design Goals of R1 will be shared soon enough

Target Architecture: x86/AMD64(x86_64)
AArch64, RISC-V 64 are planned for future release.

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