Services tweaking guide for Windows 7

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Services tweaking guide for Windows 7

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I have finally gotten around to making this, it's only been however many years I've been mentioning making a post like this.

This post will go over services included in Windows 7 that you can disable for more performance and security. This list is based off of the upcoming Windows 7 Updated v5. (Link here when finished) You may have other services not listed here which could be from different OS components being enabled or drivers or software you install. I recommend doing this on a fresh install without any other programs or drivers to more easily tell.

1: These should be disabled on every install
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1.1: Disabled by default
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2: Useless for most users
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3: Conditional
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4: Do not disable:
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Common tasks you may want to do that could be broken after applying these tweaks:

Bluetooth: Enable Bluetooth Support Service.

Enabling features: Enable Windows Modules Installer and Windows Update.

Windows Update: Enable Background Intelligent Transfer Service, Windows Modules Installer, and Windows Update.

For other tasks like accessing a SMB share or IKEv2 VPN, check 3: Conditional as services that impact those tasks are described there.

For ease of use, the services from list 1 and 2 are compiled here into a registry file. There is no file for 3 as those should be applied manually depending on what you want.
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