What OS on a Old PC?

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What OS on a Old PC?

Unread post by Niko »

So hi i got a old PC which was originally running Windows XP on it but i am planning to install a other OS. So far i was considering Alpine Linux or FreeBSD. Any recommendations for maybe a different OS? Here are the specs:
  • CPU=Intel Pentium E2140
  • GPU=Integrated Graphics
  • RAM=4gb of DDR2 (I don't know the exact speed)
  • Storage=A old slow 160 WD HDD[/list/

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What OS on a Old PC?

Unread post by TheFighterJetDude »

Maybe Win2000 with extended kernel (hopefully soon there will be better browsers to use on vanilla 2000)

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What OS on a Old PC?

Unread post by DoNotThrowOldPCsAway »

Give Void Linux a try. Since you are prepared to go with Alpine it shouldn't be too convoluted for you.

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What OS on a Old PC?

Unread post by luk3Z »

XP, Vista or MX Linux/AntiX. HDD change to SSD (use IDE to [m]SATA converter if needed).
Possibly W7 Starter or ThinPC could be also a good choice.

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