My theory as to why Microsoft is attempting to force TPM 2.0 as a requirement for Windows 11

They made Windows 10 worse somehow.

My theory as to why Microsoft is attempting to force TPM 2.0 as a requirement for Windows 11

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tyl0413 wrote: 06 Oct 2021, 15:32 It'll be used to enforce DRM on the hardware level for everything like valorant does currently. You know it very well where this is going. You said something someone got butthurt over online ? You say something you "shouldn't" near your PC that's now most likely listening 24/7? Your PC Is bricked.
Microsoft rolled out an option to remove your password completely from your account and use biometrics only instead, all new PCs have to come with cameras oh isn't that just convenient, full china style.
Apple gonna scan your local drive, MS gonna enforce Twitter TOS on your hardware, soon you literally can not take part in society without a smart phone loaded up with government spyware what great times we got ahead of us.
I used to say that someday it'd get to the point where you'd have to accept a cookie policy to give birth. This is eerily becoming closer to the reality...
mjdxp wrote: 12 Jul 2021, 14:52 Or some OEMs paid Microsoft to make their new OS only be compatible with newer machines so people would go out and buy new computers.
This reminds me of when Windows 10 came out and how Microsoft crapped up Vista's Windows Update just so that less technically literate people would think their computers are "slowing down" and likely throw their PCs out and get a new one with 10 preinstalled, which was fucking shifty.
Dibya wrote: 14 Jul 2021, 16:49 Same crap happen in India t, Cannot find corporate thugs stealing money but will attack small startup . less frequent than USA but happens.

To get their no right to privacy

And oh that Right vs Left drama in Media is to keep public ignorant and stupid.

Tech companies have taken over our lives
Well said! It's all been going downhill ever since 2015/2016 when a few select companies finally leveraged pretty much a global monopoly over almost every single aspect of our everyday lives. And the ordinary public, those who don't seek past surface-level, which is unfortunately 85 to 90 percent of people (either because they can't or simply refuse to listen to opinions that don't align with their own), turn into braindead products of consumerism; those who actually evaluate their own opinions get screamed at by the media-induced mobs and rejected the right to their own privacy on the basis that 'anyone who fights for the right to privacy has something to hide'. Thanks a fucking lot, Facebook/Google/Apple/Microsoft/CloudFlare/CloudFront/the EU/NSA/GCHQ/Kremlin/Communist Party of China/all the other fucking cunts that have rapidly turned this world into a dystopia not worth living in!

This also explains why everyone does things only for money, and the gradual disappearance of the 'third space': nothing at all can be 'just for fun', it has to be either entirely a private thing, or entirely for profit, and with no in-between, both of which of course must be posted all over Social Media.

It also explains why everyone nowadays is either a raging leftist advocating for things like men with exhibitionistic and/or downright perverted fetishes that correlate with LARPing as a caricature of a woman being allowed into women-only private spaces like bathrooms and crisis centres, or a raging rightoid advocating for things like the genocide of anyone that isn't the same as them. Well really it's two sides of the same coin, since they're both extremes, just they represent different ideals that go against the ideology of true freedom for anyone but themselves and their own kind.

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