Registry tweaking guide for Windows 7

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Registry tweaking guide for Windows 7

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I originally wasn't going to make this before releasing Windows 7 Updated v5, because I didn't know of these. I was told about an application named Blackbird and it looked interesting. However it makes some interesting recommendations that break some useful (to me at least) functionality. So I wanted to see what it does and give the user more information on what things do when making these tweaks. Since I've been working on adjacent things to make guides before releasing v5, I figure I might as well also do these too. The registry tweaks are pretty safe compared to services, but I still suggest reading them before blindly applying the file.

This post will go over Registry settings in Windows 7 that you can disable for more performance, privacy, and security. This list is based off of the upcoming Windows 7 Updated v5. (Link here when finished) Windows 8 and 10 have more registry settings to change, lists for those will come soon.

1: Manual

These can't be batch applied. They will need to be manually applied by you. Open the Registry Editor by pressing the windows key, typing regedit, and pressing enter. To change these, you can search for the name, or navigate to the path they are in.
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2: Able to be batch applied (See attached .reg file)
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Disable Autologgers and Telemetry.reg
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